Professional Qualification Course for Sommeliers

(Italian spoken)

Maastricht, September 2020 – November 2021

The Sommelier Course is organized by Vinumundi, in collaboration with the Worldwide Sommelier Association (WSA) and the Italian Sommelier Foundation (FIS) with the aim of contributing to spreading the culture of good drinking, first of all Italian, combined with good food.
The course offers:

  • 36 theoretical and practical lessons of 3 hours each divided into 18 dates, led by qualified FSI and WSA teachers from Italy, The Netherlands and Belgium.
  • 8 lessons dedicated to food-wine pairing with the related dishes.
  • Fantastic and rich didactic material: 4 textbooks, the wine vocabulary, the wine color chart and three notebooks for tasting with tips and suggestions.
  • Tasting, during the course of over 80 wine labels, beers and liqueurs, grappas, whiskeys and much more.
  • Professional tasting case with glasses and corkscrew.
  • At the end of the course, 1 Diploma of International Sommelier of WSA, recognized in 32 countries across Europe, the Americas, Asia and Australia.
  • Tastevin and sommelier pin


The Sommelier Course is divided into three levels (I, II and III) each preparatory to the next. The course is divided into a total of 36 lessons of 3 hours each. The lessons will be distributed on 18 dates (two lessons per date). Each of the three levels can be considered as an autonomous body of lessons, which allows you to attend part of the course and resume attendance in a subsequent course.

1st level

The first level is dedicated to the basics of the sommelier profession, for which we will study the origins of viticulture and oenology, the tasting technique, the basic principles of table service, including wine temperature, training and management of a cellar.

2nd level

The second level is aimed at those who have already attended and passed the I level. The II level focuses on the link between wine and the territory: the peculiarities of each grape variety, terroirs and the history of wine production. This level will also deepen the techniques on wine tasting, to grasp all the nuances of taste and begin to combine it with the dishes.

3rd level                                                                                                  

The III level will be dedicated to the technique of tasting and food matching as the main object of study. This will be the most practical level of study, largely dedicated to tasting experience, with wines of different types and attention will also be paid to the study of the dishes and the compilation of the graphic cards.

Final exam

At the end of the three study levels, there is a qualifying exam, after which you can officially become a sommelier, complete with a certificate. The examination consists of three parts, one written , a practical of wine taste and food pairing and a spoken exam .


The Sommelier Course is organized by Vinumundi, in collaboration with the Worldwide Sommelier Association (WSA) and the Italian Sommelier Foundation (FIS) with the aim of contributing to spreading the culture of good drinking , first of all Italian , combined with good food .

The course offers :

  • 36 theoretical and practical lessons of 3 hours each divided into 18 dates , led by qualified teachers of the FSI and WSA from Italy, Holland and Belgium .
  • 8 lessons dedicated to food-wine pairing with related dishes
  • F antastico and rich educational material : 4 books text , the vocabulary of wine, the tab color of wine and three notebooks to taste
  • Tasting , during the course of over 80 wine labels, beers and liqueurs , grappas , whiskeys and much more
  • Suitcase for professional tasting with glasses and corkscrew
  • At the end of the course , 1 Sommelier Dioma of the Worldwide Sommelier Association, recognized in 32 countries across Europe, the Americas, Asia and Australia
  • Tastevin and sommelier pin

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Luisa Prearo

Telephone: 0031 (0)6 5059 7766

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