Welcome to WSA – Netherlands!

If you have arrived here it is because you have interest or curiosity in the wine world and you have landed in the right place.
Let’s start with a question: Why become a Sommelier?

You become a sommelier for several reasons: personal passion, general interest in the world of wine, desire to expand your knowledge and eno-gastronomic culture or simply out of curiosity. Let me describe who a sommelier is. He or she is the expert who will always be able to recommend the perfect wine for your dish at the restaurant, thus giving you the opportunity to enjoy the full culinary experience. The sommelier is a wine expert, a cellar manager, a person who collaborates with producers working on the taste of wine and fashion trends (… even wine has its own fashions!), a 360-degree expert of the wine world.
The sommelier’s ingredients are these: Passion, Constancy and Practice seasoned with a little of Natural Talent.

Passion is the key word to becoming a sommelier. Passion for wine, for food but also and above all for the traditions and history that accompany wine.
Having a passion for food and wine is the first fundamental ingredient to become a sommelier. You must love wine, but you must also love beer, grappa, cognac, whiskey, port, sherry …. and food!

The study to become a sommelier is rich and complex. Oenology, viticulture, chemistry, physics, meteorology, geology, history, sociology, marketing … are all subjects that accompany the path to become a sommelier and that serve to understand the world of wine well, so be ready to study !!

It will take a lot … Taste, taste and again taste!! There will be many wines that will reach your eyes, nose and mouth. Therefore tasting is the fundamental rule to improve and expand your archive of tastes and smells.

Let’s face it, that is always and however useful, in any sector you try to grow. But this does not mean that only the best noses and mouths will become Sommelier, on the contrary, even those who do not have a superfine nose by nature can develop it and improve it with time and practice.

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